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Movie Review: Dawn: Planet of Apes 2

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Dawn: Planet Apes 2

Too much reading, “apes don’t kill apes,” and important messages interwoven into an emotional story; this was indeed worth my money! Not to give too much away I must say, “There were lessons to be learned and Caesar will win over your heart with his compassion for peace, or was it revenge?”

This movie had it all: Fighting, Betrayal, Trust, Love, Hatred, Fear, and of course Sorrow. It is amazing how humans refer to the apes as animals, yet I wonder if we’re any different?

I dare you, go see “Dawn: Planet of the Apes 2!”


Write what you know!

I’ve been told, “Authors should write what they know.” Do you agree? There was a movie on Netflix titled “Stuck in Love,” about a father who refused to move on with his life after his divorce. Fast forward: The father told his son (and I’m paraphrasing), that because he had not really experienced anything his work was missing the freedom of expression he would gain through life experiences. As I thought about the point the father had made, it got me to wondering; is it possible that the best writers are those who have gone through the valleys of life? And is there any truth to the saying, “Write what you know?” What are your thoughts?

Review: “Fallen” by James Somers

Twist and turns, inside and out…what is this book really about? To be honest, not knowing makes this story so intriguing. In James Somers’ Fallen, he tells us a tale that involves supernatural characters that are so alluring you will want to learn more about them and their abilities.

As the main character attempts to uncover who and what he is, he is faced with a war that he did not know existed.

However, it is not all good. At times, the novel can be very confusing as Somers transitions from one place to another or when he introduces a new character, but this is still a great read.

*** We give James Somers’ Fallen, three out of four stars.

Review: Success through Stillness: Russell Simmons

**** We give Russell Simmons’ Success through Stillness four out of four stars. Although this is a great read, if you’re looking for a book outlining the different ways to mediate…this is not the book for you. Majority of the chapters were used to explain the importance and need for mental stillness. While Simmons’ approach on the topic may come off as bias and or excessive, it does not take away from the quality of the book.

Simmons’ wisdom and voice could be heard from beginning to end as he linked his love for hip hop, music, yoga, and meditation so eloquently together. He in essence he discussed a topic he knows well, and it worked.

Well done Mr. Simmons.


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